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Featuring customers and members of the community who take time out of their busy schedules to tell us how much our pharmacy means to them.

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our Cambodian Customers

from phea (english subtitles)

Phea from Phnom Penh, Cambodia expresses her thanks to Richard Lim and Lim's Pharmacy for the advice and treatment given for her pains after menopause. 

from mrs rim thorng

Testimonial from Mrs Rim Thorng, who expresses her appreciation for Mr Richard Lim in providing great treatment for her aunty in Cambodia. 

ការបញ្ចេញមតិដ៏ពិស្តាមួយពីអតិថិជនរបស់ឱសថស្ថាន Lim's Pharmacy បងស្រីបានបង្ហាញនូវក្ដីស្រលាញ់និងភាពរីករាយពេលចូលមកឱសថស្ថាន Lim's Pharmacy គាត់ថែមទាំងបង្ហាញនូវភាពស្ញើចសសើរមកកាន់លោក លីមសួរ ពីទឹកចិត្តដ៏ប្រពៃនិងការផ្ដល់សេវាកម្មទៅលើអតិថិជនគ្រប់រូប ។

'My aunty is 85 years old. She lives in Cambodia and has not been feeling well. I came to see Richard for advice, and he prepared a set of multivitamins and a medication to improve her appetite and sleep. After 3 weeks, she was able to pick bananas from the tree, able to work at the shops, do her laundry and complete other daily activities. 

She can eat better, has gained weight and feels much better. Thank you Richard for giving me such great medications to help my aunty recover. 

She said she has healed now, feels better and is very happy. Her children is also very happy. She is now able to sit through prayers from start to finish and that is amazing. 

I also asked her to share the medications with her friends if they need it, around 5 tablets each, and they also said they feel better. 

She is so happy, her children are so happy and I feel so happy. 

I want to thank you for giving my aunty the right treatment with the right medications and vitamins.'

from cambodian customer (English Subtitles)

A Lim's Pharmacy customer thanks Richard Lim for helping treat her family's eyesight issues in Cambodia.

from cambodian customer

Testimonial from our good customer expressing her appreciation for Lim's Pharmacy for helping to treat her aunty and sister.

from Cambodian customer

Testimonial from our customer expressing how she loves to come to Lim's Pharmacy and her appreciation for Richard's kindness and great customer service. 

នេះគឺជាការបញ្ចេញមតិយ៉ាងពិស្ដាមួយពីបងស្រី រីមថង ដែលបានបញ្ចេញការស្ញើចសសើរទៅលើលោក លីមសួរ ដែលបានផ្ដល់ការព្យាបាលយ៉ាងមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពទៅលើមីងរបស់គាត់នៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជា


'Richard, everyone loves you, and you love to do charity. Wherever you are, you give an aura of kindess and charity to the people around you. That is why everyone loves you. This is the truth, it's not a joke, this is the truth. 

Everywhere you go, I can see that everyone always loves your presence. No matter how far they live, they still come to your pharmacy.'

Richard: 'I am here to help you and provide you great customer service.'

Customer: 'I am very happy with your service. I live very far and I still come to your pharmacy. I live in Lynbrook.'

Richard: 'Thank you so much. Whenever you come to our pharmacy, you are also doing charity. You will also help me to do charity, so you will also get good karma in return.'

our western customers

from mr starvos

Lim's Pharmacy customer, Starvos, shares his kind words about our pharmacy.

our chinese customers

from teochew chinese customer (english subtitles)

Teochew Chinese customer expressing his appreciation for Mr Richard Sour Lim in giving him advice on how to reduce his heartburn and reflux symptoms.

letter from chinese customer

Lim's Pharmacy owner Richard Lim was very humbled to receive a thank-you letter from the relative of a patient that he had helped. Below is an approximate translation of the letter:

'Dear boss of Lim's Pharmacy [Richard Lim]

Re: Superb Medicine and a High Level of Medical Ethics

As a family of patients, on behalf of my entire family, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Lim's Pharmacy.
My wife had been suffering from migraines for a few decades. Through the treatment, care and guidance of Mr Lim, her migraine symptoms significantly improved.
In addition, as an increase in age can increase blood glucose levels, an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate use of medicine helped her blood glucose to be currently well-controlled.
I sincerely thank Mr Lim, along with the superb medicine, his high level of medical ethics and for fully caring for his patients.'