Henri Le Maire

"Called the Pharmacy and spoke to Sun who was very helpful over the phone and went looking for the 2 specific products I asked for and kept them away as I informed I would be there in 10 minutes. When I got there I was amazed to see how many staff members tried to make eye contact and offered to help. I asked for Sun and he remembered me and called me by my name and gave me the 2 products that he had kept aside for me and assisted me with other information I needed from him. Customer service at it's best. Well done SUN and LIM's Pharmacy as a whole!"

- Henri Le Maire via Google

Derek Waters

I would like to congratulate all the staff members and Richard who made Lim's Pharmacy, Pharmacy of the year for 2013!!! All the staff are very hard working to serve YOU, the customer who will not doubt continue to receive GREAT customer service in 2014 and beyond. Well done guys!

- Derek Waters via Facebook