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monday 28th august

feet check

Did you know that 40% of Australians will experience some form of foot problems in their lifetime?

Lack of awareness, and proper care – including ill fitting shoes – are some factors that can bring on foot problems.

So have your feet checked by the foot care professionals from Neat Feet!

Sessions are from 10AM to 3PM

Book your 10-minute session in-store or call us at 9562 4233!

thursday 31st august

skin doctors skin analysis

Keep your skin looking fresh and feeling baby soft by coming to our popular Skin Doctors Skin Analysis!

Sessions are from 10AM - 5PM

Book your 10-minute session in-store or call us at 9562 4233!

$5 booking fee is required.


thursday 14th september


Starting time - 10:30AM

Ensuring that we offer continuous care for the multicultural community, Lim's Pharmacy is holding an in-store seminar in Vietnamese about "Enhancing the Immune System in the Elderly"! We will be giving helpful tips and health advice on how to improve the immune system of our senior patients. Remember, prevention is ALWAYS better than a cure!

For more information, please call us at 9562 4233 or visit us in-store.


Unless otherwise stated, All events listed are to be held at Lim's Pharmacy.

*Where required, bookings can only be made in-store until the day before the event. See in-store for terms and conditions.