readycare® service

Need to consult a doctor fast but there are none available? We've got you covered!

Lim's Pharmacy is now introducing ReadyCare® (from Telstra Health) services into our store, so you can either call or video conference with a qualified Australian-based doctor to discuss symptoms and health advice, obtain medical certificates or receive urgent prescriptions when seeing your doctor just isn't an option.

Advice and Management - Speak to the experts to discuss your symptoms and advice on what to do next.

Medical Certificates - If you are too sick for work or school and need a medical certificate the GP can email it straight to your inbox - if appropriate.

Prescriptions - When deemed urgent by a GP, prescriptions can be dispensed immediately from the pharmacy.

All GP's affiliated with the ReadyCare® service are Australian based with a minimum of 5 years of experience and are specially trained in Telemedicine.

Click here for a list of medical issues that can and cannot be treated by ReadyCare®.

Enquire in-store for more information on ReadyCare® services.